Experience for yourself her natural intuitive healing. It's life changing...

"When I met Michelle, I knew I was in the right place for change. I tried searching for the right person for a while until the Universe pointed me in the right direction. I knew I needed some type of therapy, I just didn’t know what kind.

I was in a dark place. My life was filled with hate, sadness and anger and I just didn’t know what to do anymore. So I thought, let me just try this, maybe it will work. I am always for trying new things and let me tell you, it was the best decision I’ve made.

Her kindness is so inviting. She’s very intuitive and experienced in the work she does. Very understanding. I try to see her every two weeks for Reiki healing and spiritual counseling. I always feel great after clearing out all the negativity and leave feeling grounded.

She’s helped me so much in my life’s journey to let go and bring in more love for others and myself. I feel happy. She has taught me to live in the present and to acknowledge the past and memories, but not to dwell on the negative things.

I recommend to anyone that is dealing with stress, whether it’s work related or home life, a loss of your loved one or any of life’s challenges, to go and see her. Experience for yourself her natural intuitive healing. It’s life changing."

Deidre Johnson Canales
Reseda, CA

Her session empowered me...

Michelle has such a shining light inside of her.  She is warm, nurturing, loving and truly cares about her clients.

I had the magical opportunity of having a healing and Reiki Session with her that was so powerful.  I was able to release old feelings that were holding me back with love.

Her intuitive gifts were very insightful.  Her session empowered me to finally remove the ring I was wearing on my wedding ring finger as a shield of protection against men.

Now I won't be giving off the false perception that I am married and she allowed me to transform from fear to love.

Thank you Michelle. You are a beautiful human being"

Tara Childs LaDue
Pasadena, CA

It's hard to put into words how incredibly transformative Michelle's healing and coaching session was...

First off, Michelle greets you with a radiance and warmth that makes you feel as if you're surrounded with divine light from the start.

The guidance and counseling in the beginning of our session was enough to leave me feeling amazing about life.  She affirmed things I was thinking and believing are my next steps, and also added intuitive guidance about things that I may not have seen myself.

When we got to the healing, I was floored!  I felt her healing energy cleanse my spirit and lighten the load of heavy energy I had been carrying around throughout my body.

I left feeling charged, cleansed and empowered to advance closer to my highest self!

Michelle is an inspiration and an absolute gift to anyone wanting to step into their power and divine light.  GRATITUDE."

Mary DeLorenzo-Woods
Thousand Oaks, CA

I've had more aha moments with Michelle than I can count...

Michelle is a true healer. As soon as I get on her table, she receives messages for me that are spot on! The healing energy that comes through her hands and her words are powerful and transforming. I've had more aha moments with Michelle than I can count, and I count my lucky stars that I found her! She is a gem. I swear she is an angel herself."

Elizabeth Lee
Thousand Oaks, CA

I have been to many healers but there is something different about Michelle...

“Michelle Kapture is a gifted Clairvoyant and Healer. I have been to many healers but there is something different about Michelle. You can tell that she has done her work by the way she delivers information. It isn’t done in judgment but from a place of learning and wisdom. You can see and feel that she is truly connecting with a higher source. Sometimes she says exactly what I was just thinking or feeling! Michelle offers a beautiful space to heal yourself in. She is worth it!”

Jennifer M.
Laguna Beach, CA

The Seven Stages of Energetic Healing...

Today was very slow at work, so I found a quiet corner with a comfy chair to cuddle up in and read The Seven Stages of Energetic Healing.

As I read each passage, I found myself recalling various periods of my life and identifying the parallels of my own experience in each and every stage that you described so eloquently.

I realized that throughout my life I’ve travelled in and out of these seven stages, again and again over the years, especially now as I move through these major life changes happening today.

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it felt to be bathed in the overwhelming love and comfort of your words. And one of the greatest gifts in this piece of work that you have shared with me, and everyone who reads it, are the suggestions and direction on the actions that can be taken towards obtaining ultimate healing.

When I cam upon the seventh stage of “Being,” I wept. Tears of relief and optimism at all the beauty and joy that life offers to those of us who are brave enough to go deep inside and seek truth."

Jane Sherwood
Woodland Hills, CA

I am enjoying life so much more...

Since working with Michelle, my life has changed in so many positive ways. She has taught me so much about how to be a better wife, mother and most importantly a better me. I was going through a very rough time back in October 2009. I was depressed, lacked internal happiness, short fused, and had low energy.

Through the tools she has given and the weekly sessions, my life has new meaning and purpose. I am enjoying life so much more and have lots of energy to take care of my two very young kids. I was holding on to so much guilt, negativity, and fear that it was holding me back from experiencing all the joys that are present in my life every day. I now look at “hard times” as just a lesson or experience I need to go through to truly tap into my soul’s purpose. I see life through a different pair of eyes. I have so much more gratitude, love and compassion for everything around me.”

Krissy Stewart
Oak Park, CA

​You are helping me find my way...

“Michelle, I am so grateful that I found you. The guidance, love and support that you have given me during this time of my life has been invaluable. I have been going through such a deep transition and I really feel that you understand me and what I am going through. You reassure me that I am OK and I really need to know that during this time. You are helping me find my way. Thank you for being my guiding light.”

Christie V.
Encino, CA

​She has been such an amazing conduit of healing for me...

“I was placed in touch with Michelle when I was going through a personal health crisis two years ago. She has been such an amazing conduit of healing for me during that time. Michelle is a very kind and gifted person who is open to addressing any topic or concern. From the first moment you meet Michelle, you can feel her inner warmth and strength and know that she is on your side and ready and willing to help guide you to where you want to be and/or who you want to become.

She is very accessible and always has good ideas for evaluating perspective of a situation. I would happily recommend her to anyone seeking a fresh perspective on dealing with a hurdle or just for general mental, spiritual and physical maintenance. For my own journey, it has been a true gift to have Michelle along the ride with me.”

Michelle P.
Encino, CA

I finally feel a sense of pure contentment...​

"With Michelle’s help, I finally feel a sense of pure contentment in my day to day life. Having her support has played a huge part in overcoming my negative thought patterns so that I can heal and live the life I’ve always imagined. I could not be more grateful!”

Rebecca Z.
Thousand Oaks, CA

She is truly talented and gifted in her ability to tune in...

As a new creative entrepreneur who has been through some major life changes including cancer, and having left a long-time career​ to pursue my creative impulses, I sought spiritual guidance from Michelle. She is truly talented and gifted in her ability to tune in and she pierced to the heart of the matter fro me.

She showed me some things that I need to focus on and all her feedback has rung completely true for me. She is also such a kind and healing presence and just gave me this feeling of comfort and connection with the divine and the spiritual world. I completely recommend Michelle's intuitive spiritual guidance for anyone on the spiritual journey."

Maria Martinez
The Cozy Casita

"Experience for yourself her natural intuitive healing."

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