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"Rise Above And Discover The Best You"

"You have the power to live a life of happiness and inner peace. When you release the past, heal your heart and find forgiveness for yourself and others with energetic healing, you will rise above and live in the joyful freedom of your authentic self."

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  • Release fear, worry and depression
  • Heal heartbreak and break free from toxic relationships
  • Connect to your dreams and passions
  • Rekindle your sexuality and intimate relationships
  • Establish healthy boundaries
  • Recapture your inner joy and self-worth
  • Receive intuitive guidance and past life readings
  • Have Psychic Surgery to remove psychic weapons and entities
Then Energetic Healing, Intuitive Coaching and Reiki is for YOU!

Energetic Healing and Reiki works at the Cellular LevelYour Energetic Imprint holds information about past experiences and unprocessed emotions that you are carrying into this lifetime to process and heal, allowing for soul growth and expansion. As a Psychic Intuitive Empath, I tune into your energy field, spirit guides, angels and Higher Self to bring forward this information for you to learn, understand and clear, so that you may move forward with more ease and joy. This deep level of work allows you to release limiting patterns and behaviors, heartbreak and trauma, freeing you from the past and opening your perspective to the pure potential of each moment.

Intuitive Coaching at the deepest level. Michelle holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling, is a certified Life/Relationship Coach, a Spiritual Teacher and a natural Psychic Intuitive who connects to your Spirit Guides and Angels to bring you messages and guidance that serve your personal and soul growth journey. She can counsel you through relationship issues such as love, self-love, marriage and partnership, how to hold healthy boundaries, discovering your self-worth, identifying your values and life purpose, what sparks your light and brings you happiness, how to forgive yourself and others so you can move forward in your life with more ease and joy, healing trauma, understanding your soul growth lessons in this life, connecting to loved ones in Spirit, past lives and more. Michelle is a Psychic, Healer, Spirit Guide and Coach rolled into one!

What my clients say...

A healer, a guide and caring soul who will have a truly positive effect on your life...

“My husband and I are huge proponents of all things spiritual in general and recently energy healing in specific. We have worked with Michelle individually and as a couple. Her ability to channel her life energy, to act as a healing force, is beyond incredible.

Her gift allows her to not only act as a guide for you on your earthly journey, but to aid you in the correction of unhealthy or unwanted patterns or cycles that may be consciously, or most likely unconsciously inhibiting your ability to grow or succeed in your life. You will leave your session feeling much lighter and more relaxed. We can recommend Michelle Kapture as a healer, a guide and caring soul who will have a truly positive effect on your life!”

D & J Rubin
Malibu, CA

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Session Times

30 minute session $   70

60 minute session $ 135

90 minute session $ 175

When payment is received you will be contacted to book a date and time.

Sessions are available via Skype or FaceTime

Private Sessions are available in person for those able to travel to Thousand Oaks CA

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