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Attuning to Reiki Energy

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing designed to release stress and tension in the mind, body and spirit.  Relaxation is a state of receptivity, which allows the body to activate its own natural healing abilities.  Reiki translates to "spiritually guided life force energy" and when you become trained or Attuned to this loving yet powerful energy, you become a vehicle for love and light for all beings inhabiting the planet.  Reiki flows from your hands and can be given to people, animals and plants alike.  Additionally, you can send Reiki to world events, natural disasters, difficult relationships, past, present and future.

A Reiki treatment feels like basking in a radiant, warm and soothing bath. It leaves you feeling loved, supported, restored and rejuvenated. Reiki can bring mental clarity about a decision that needs to be made or to understanding one’s life purpose. It can clear stored, unprocessed emotions leaving you feeling lighter and calmer. It can ease physical pain and bring a sense of peace and serenity. Reiki works on all levels and knows where you or your client needs it most.     

Anyone can practice Reiki. You do not need any previous training in other relaxation or healing techniques. You just need the desire to be of service and be a vessel of healing to yourself and others. During an Attunement, Reiki is passed from Teacher to Student during ritual and ceremony. 

As you begin to practice Reiki on yourself, your unhealed places will become illuminated and you will see where energy is stuck in the past or clinging to a future that has not yet arrived. Learning this about yourself will help you to be a guide for others. You will be able to connect more compassionately with your clients because you know what it’s like to address your own energetic patterns and blockages. 

As a Teacher, I will highly encourage you to step into your own intuitive abilities! I feel this adds an incredible service to your treatments for yourself and others. People are far more intuitive than they think and your clients will love the feedback you give them. I will discuss the different types of intuition so you can discover which one resonates with you the most and begin to really tap into it. Learning to communicate with your Spirit Team will open up a whole new world for you! 

I will also encourage you to begin a daily meditation practice, which will provide the format for your self-healing. Meditation is a powerful tool for self-discovery and awareness. The more aware you are of your own patterns, the more you can change them. You must open your heart and mind to the parts of you that have been in the shadow. This is how real and permanent healing can take place. You cannot heal what remains hidden. You will see this most clearly when you begin to provide Reiki for others. 

There are 3 levels to Reiki:

Reiki 1: Self-Healing, Healing for Family, Friends and Pets

Reiki 2: Reiki Practitioner – Deeper Self-Healing and Setting up a Business

Reiki 3: Reiki Master/Teacher – Deep commitment to Reiki and training others

After each Attunement, you will naturally go through a 21 day cleansing and detoxification cycle through the chakras. The Reiki Attunement has a powerful healing influence on mind, body and spirit, beginning with the root and ending at the crown chakra ~ each one taking approximately twenty-four hours. This happens three times.

The intensity of your cleansing process will depend on the level of toxins in your energy bodies. You may have physical symptoms such as headaches, a runny nose or diarrhea. You may feel very emotional and need to release stored and/or blocked emotions such as sadness, grief and anger. You may have flashbacks of your childhood and/or traumatic events, which need to be worked with and released through self-healing treatments or with your Reiki Master Teacher.

You may also feel quite fatigued throughout the cleansing process. Reiki’s wisdom will do whatever is needed to release you from the fears and barriers that prevent you from living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

Benefits of Reiki: How Reiki Can Help You:

*Reiki will release tension and stress

*Reiki brings about deep relaxation and stimulates your body’s natural healing abilities

*Reiki provides clarity by centering your thoughts when you are confused

*Reiki focuses your mind and allows you to find solutions to your problems

*Reiki energizes you when you feel drained and fatigued

*Reiki is calming when you are in anxiety or fear

*Reiki relieves physical pain

*Reiki accelerates natural healing of physical wounds

*Reiki improves your overall health and outlook on life

*Reiki gradually clears up chronic problems

*Reiki helps prevent the development of disease

*Reiki dissolves energy blockages

*Reiki releases emotional wounds which provides heart chakra healing

*Reiki increases the vibrational frequency of the body, mind and spirit

*Reiki helps change negative thinking, conditioning and behavior through self-awareness

The benefits and power of Reiki increase with each treatment. Just like working out your muscles to get stronger and leaner, your Reiki muscles will also strengthen the more you use them. Your intuition will increase, your ability to discern truth will sharpen and your emotional health will become balanced and steady.

​Attunement Workshop Content
Reiki 1 – All Day Workshop from 10am – 5pm


*Understanding Reiki and how it works

*The origins and history of Reiki

*The 5 Reiki Principles

*Understanding the Chakra system

*Connecting to Energy and your Intuition

*Meditation - cultivating a daily practice

*Energy Exercises/Grounding and Protection

*Endocrine and Lymphatic System – brief overview

*Reiki 1 Attunements

*Hand positions for Self-Treatments

*Reiki for Animals and Plants/Food

*Class includes Level 1 Certification, Lineage to Dr. Usui, and Reiki Workbook

Reiki 2 – All Day Workshop from 10am – 5pm


*Understanding the 2nd degree of Usui Reiki

*The 3 Pillars of Reiki

*The Gassho Meditation

*The Breath – Joshin Kokyuu-Ho

*The Tanden

*Deepening your Intuition/ Scanning the Auric Field

*The Sacred Symbols for 2nd degree Reiki

*Reiki 2 Attunements

*Distant Reiki Healing

*Sending Reiki to Present, Past & Future Events, Situations and Relationships

*Reiki Box

*Non-Traditional Reiki Symbols

*Hand positions for specific ailments

*Reiki for Animals – using the symbols

*Class includes Level 2 Certification, Lineage to Dr. Usui, and Reiki Workbook

Reiki 3 – 2 Day Workshop for Master/Teacher 10am – 4pm


*Understanding the 3rd degree of Usui Reiki

*Reiki and Symbolism

*Sacred Symbol for Reiki Master Teacher

*Non-traditional Symbol for Reiki Master Teacher

*Reiki Attunement Ceremony

*Crown to Crown Attunements

*Learning the Attunement Process for all 3 Levels

*Learning the different methods for the Attunement Ceremony

*Distant Reiki Attunements

*Psychic Surgery

*Reiju Self-Empowerment

*Class includes Level 3 Certification, Lineage to Dr. Usui, and Reiki Workbook

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​Register for Reiki 1, 2 or both here.


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