About Michelle Kapture

"Rise Above And Discover The Best You"

"You have the power to live a life of happiness and inner peace. When you release the past, heal your heart and find forgiveness for yourself and others with energetic healing, you will rise above and live in the joyful freedom of your authentic self."

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"She's a Psychic, Healer and Coach Wrapped Into One!"

Michelle knew from a very young age that people suffered from emotional pain and she had a deep desire to help them heal, knowing that she and others could live a life of happiness, inner peace, freedom and love. She has always been able to see and feel truth, energy patterns, and self-imposed limitations. She could sense other people’s thoughts, feelings and struggles and felt a strong connection to God and the world of Spirit.

Michelle earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Counseling and worked as a School Counselor for a short time before getting married and having her own three children. She was a stay-at-home Mother for many years, but shortly before the birth of her third child, she began to feel the pull towards something she didn’t quite yet understand. Guided to the spiritual practice of yoga it became the foundation of her own deep healing work.

After a reading with a Spiritual Counselor, whose last line was “expect the unexpected,” her life took a dramatic and traumatic turn. Almost overnight, Michelle began a new life, as a single Mother who began teaching yoga, meditating, and ferociously studying the spiritual teachings of many great teachers such as Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Jack Kornfield, Carolyn Myss and Deepak Chopra, to name a few.

As Michelle went through a very painful and difficult divorce, she was guided to become a Life Coach and was introduced to the world of Energy Healing and Reiki. Michelle discovered that she had powerful intuitive gifts and could hear her Spirit Guides speak to her. For years, she worked on healing her own emotional pain with the help of many beautiful and gifted healers. She channeled journals of information that she knew one day would be the basis of her own healing practice.

For four years, Michelle went through her own Dark Night of the Soul, a time of deep transformation and spiritual healing. Out of this was born her capacity to hold a sacred space for others to do the same, using all of her knowledge, education, life experience and natural intuitive skills, to fulfill the longing that she was born with.

Michelle is happily remarried to her soulmate, raising their children together in Westlake Village, California. She enjoys reading, spending time in nature, laughing with good friends and enjoying the simplicity of life, free of drama and chaos. She has learned the power of self-love, and wishes to teach others the same, so they may live in the freedom and beauty of their divine true self, feeling good about who they are and bringing that energy to the world.


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