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"You have the power to live a life of happiness and inner peace. When you release the past, heal your heart and find forgiveness for yourself and others with energetic healing, you will rise above and live in the joyful freedom of your authentic self." 

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"Experience for yourself her natural intuitive healing. It's life changing..."


"The sacred space I offer to you is one of genuine endeavor, practice and faith. I incorporate all of my education, my trainings, my natural gifts as an empath, clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant to provide a safe haven for your journey of self discovery, growth and healing."

The guidance and counseling in the beginning of our session was enough to leave me feeling amazing about life.

When we got to the healing, I was floored!  I felt her healing energy cleanse my spirit and lighten the load of heavy energy I had been carrying around throughout my body."

Mary Delorenzo-Woods
Thousand Oaks CA

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Is Trust The Highest Form Of Believing?

Is Trust The Highest Form Of BelievingThe concepts of trust and believing are prominent in the spiritual growth community. We are asked to believe in Spirit, in ourselves and in humanity’s rising. We are asked to trust that the universe always has our backs no matter what is showing up in our lives. On social media, we see pictures of unicorns with messages telling us to believe in magic and miracles and everyone is shouting, “Yes, I believe!”

We see angel cards offering messages of trust. Trust God, trust the Universe, trust Spirit, trust your intuition, and trust yourself are memes splattered across our feed every day. Yet, fear is still running our lives in most ways; the fear of failure, fear of lack, fear of not finding our soulmate, fear of being unworthy, fear of not being loved, fear of uncertainty and the fear of change still plague our thoughts and our very existence.

Yet, if we are believers, why do we fear? Believing without trust is like eating soup with a fork; not much of it is going to get ingested and reach your heart, mind and soul. It’s just going to stay in the bowl, leaving you feeling dissatisfied and hungry for more; more reassurance and more messages of comfort to help you stay in the zone.

Trust is the new vibe, the new jam, the new way. Trust is the bridge between you and everything you want to have, feel and be. It’s the teacher, the healer and the spirit guide. It’s the lantern of light showing us the way to the new earth, the next dimension, and the next timeline in our souls’ journey.

Trust is the antidote to the old way, the path of fear and the path of control. The path of coercion for the sake of personal gain no longer applies. The rules have changed. The small you will stay small if you choose fear over trust.

The new way requires a trust so deep that nothing could shake our core of believing. We believe so fiercely, with such resolute footing that even if we were plummeting thousands of feet from the sky to solid ground below, we would believe in its divine purpose. We would believe and trust in all-that-is, and know deep in our bones that all is in accordance with the divine plan. We not only believe in a higher power, we trust it fully.

Because believing without trust isn’t really believing is it? The holes that mistrust leave gaping wide open provide a warm and cozy living space for our worry, doubt, skepticism and negativity. These energies can no longer curl up with us under a soft blanket hoping to find a permanent home if we want to live peaceful, loving, happy, prosperous lives.

Just like love without trust will never provide the intimacy we seek in our relationships, believing without trust will never take us to the next level. It will never free our souls or elevate our spirits. It will never bring us into union with the divine beloved and it will certainly never leave us feeling loved and supported.

At what point do you stop trusting?

Under what circumstances do you allow fear to overshadow your believing?

What do you get out of not trusting? What does it protect you from?

Who would you be if you lived in trust? What would it give you?

Call to Action: Journal your answers to the above questions. Make a commitment to trust no matter what is showing up in your life. Replace fearful thoughts and feelings with ones that infuse your believing with trust. On days that you are struggling, stay neutral. Eliminate the fear and you will transform your experience here and beyond.

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