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"You have the power to live a life of happiness and inner peace. When you release the past, heal your heart and find forgiveness for yourself and others with energetic healing, you will rise above and live in the joyful freedom of your authentic self." 

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"Experience for yourself her natural intuitive healing. It's life changing..."


"The sacred space I offer to you is one of genuine endeavor, practice and faith. I incorporate all of my education, my trainings, my natural gifts as an empath, clairsentient, clairaudient and clairvoyant to provide a safe haven for your journey of self discovery, growth and healing."

The guidance and counseling in the beginning of our session was enough to leave me feeling amazing about life.

When we got to the healing, I was floored!  I felt her healing energy cleanse my spirit and lighten the load of heavy energy I had been carrying around throughout my body."

Mary Delorenzo-Woods
Thousand Oaks CA

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My Latest Blog
The Spiritual Lesson I Learned From My Birch Tree

I had a big beautiful white Birch tree in my backyard. She stood about 40 feet tall and had long wispy branches. She was full and vibrant. Her energy was strong and feminine, earthy and spirited. The hummingbirds would gently perch themselves on her welcoming branches in the morning before going out on their daily adventures and every evening before returning to their home in the tall Cypress trees that separate my yard from my neighbors.

About a year ago, during the winter months, my birch tree died. As spring approached, she did not begin to renew herself and I realized that several of the Birch trees in my neighborhood had also died and eventually we came to find out that there was a tree beetle infestation that swept through our neighborhood, taking our natural beauties with them.

This really saddened me. I had felt a connection to this tree from the time I had moved into my house almost 15 years ago. We waited a while just to make sure she wasn’t coming back, but as the spring continued on into early summer, she didn’t revive, and we knew that we were going to have to remove her so as not cause any damage to our neighbors’ houses if one of her long branches fell onto one of their rooftops.

One warm summer evening, I looked out my kitchen window and I could see the tree spirit’s face in the trunk of the tree. I had never seen this before. She looked like a shriveled up old woman who was in pain, suffering because she no longer had any life force energy flowing through her. She looked trapped inside a body that could no longer nourish her soul. She felt confined and anxious. Her face looked frozen, mouth wide open, eyes squinted closed, like one of those masks that depicts tragedy. I felt this in my heart deeply, knowing that she too felt this entrapment. We decided to wait it out through the summer and would have her removed before the winter months.

September arrived and it was time for me to embark on an adventure to Italy in celebration of my 50th birthday. It was the first time I had ever gone on a trip by myself and it proved to be a life-changing experience. On my last night in Rome before coming home the next day, my husband sent me a message on WhatsApp saying that he had the Birch removed that day. I was quite surprised to hear this news as we had not discussed this before I left. My initial response was, “Oh no!” but there was a photo attached and I instantly felt an overwhelming sense of relief and peace that was quite unexpected.

As I looked at the photo and connected to the energy of her beautiful spirit, I felt a wave of love and joy! A sense of happiness that could only be described as a lightness of being washed over me, a feeling of elation at being released from a forced imprisonment. I am free she was saying, I am free! Free to be alive again, free to travel through the astral realms back to her spirit world, to her spirit family. And I was also free! Free from the sadness I felt every time I looked at her, free from the longing for something that no longer existed, free from the resistance of accepting “what is.” By not releasing her from physical form, I was keeping her captive, attached to an experience that was no longer alive, no longer purposeful. And I was keeping myself attached to a grief that had already run its course. By letting go, we were all freed!

Nature is one of the Universe’s most prolific gifts to human beings. She loves, she nurtures, she provides and she heals. She teaches us how to connect to the spirit world and to glean its lessons of the power of letting go of what no longer serves us. She teaches us to live in the present moment, to be willing to embrace the new and to step into the flow of the constant change that is inherent of this impermanent experience.

Call to Action: What are you holding onto that is no longer alive? What can you let go of that will usher in a new energy, a new space of exploration and aliveness? Journal your answers now and be willing to open your heart to fresh experiences that will enliven your soul and life.

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